The Swiss Industry Science Fund (SISF) has been dissolved. It had the mission to promote scientific excellence in research and education in Switzerland by financially supporting scientific events and organizations on behalf of its member companies, BASF, Novartis, Roche and Syngenta.

Because of additional compliance requirements, the former member companies can no longer jointly support events through the SISF. However, they remain committed to continue the mission of the SISF through their own funding schemes.

If you are seeking funding for an event previously supported through SISF, please contact the relevant companies as described below. Please note that if you were supported by a sub-set of the member companies in the past (e.g. Novartis and Roche for pharma-related events), only apply directly to those.


Contact Details


Please contact either Dr. Andreas Hafner (andreas.hafner(at) or Dr. Andreas Valet (andreas.valet(at)



Please submit your application through the following link: Novartis



Please submit your application to the following email address: predbasel.supportingsciencech(at)



Please submit your application to: 




This website will remain online until the end of 2019.